Employee of the month!

Hi im Sergio,

I started growing Microgreens🌱 in early 2019, because as 30 lumed over me I realized I needed to eat much healthier! One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was "Health is more important than Wealth."! 👸 Fiona and🤴 Xavier loved it from the very beginning. 

During COVID I read 📚 entrepreneur books to them in place of the bedtime stories. 👸Fiona loved the idea of helping everyone stay healthier, especially thoese of us who know we don't eat enough GREENS 🥗. So in 2020 we started offering Microgreens to a couple of people, until 2022 when we started offering to the entire public! 

🤴 Xavier decided in MUSHROOMS so we also started DENSEshroom FX, and will be offering options this summer.

Myself, I will be offering Freeze Dried Organic Sweets, Veggies, Fruits, ETC.

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