Farmhand 1st class.

🤴Xavier is our RAW LIGHTNING ⚡️child, you'll see him exploding 🤯to say something at random times he'll be running 🏃‍♂️in circles⭕️. Long story short he's an 8 year old boy turning 9 in July!!! 

Because of his support for his sisters 👸business, and the improvements he's making with school 🏫 he's earned his time to kidpreneurship! 

With that he will start offering 🍄 Mushrooms 🍄 this summer! Lookout for DenseShroom FX! Because Noone wants a mushy-room, they want a crisp DENSE shroom! Eventually I see him pivoting to foraging for the mushrooms 🍄 since he's so good at it! He'll be teaching classes in his teens, he already teaches adults and classmates today! 

Either way it'll be a fantastic journey and we thank everyone for their support of this next generation of local entrepreneurs! 

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