Organic Deluxe Pet Grass

Organic Deluxe Pet Grass

From $3.00
5x5 Live Tray

Is your cat, or are pets everywhere in general, looking for something to truly spice up their Pet Grass?

Then you're in LUCK! 

103 DELICIOUS vitamins and nutrients await them with this amazing Organic Deluxe Pet Grass blend! This Pet Grass blend is like manna from Heaven for our furry friends. 

 Every fur baby (or any pet who enjoys the taste of grass) will be delighted by such a concoction - full of essential amino acids AND non-essential ones too! 

Plus Chlorophyll is included so that they can get 'liquid sunshine' into those hard-to-reach places where the sun don't shine! 

And there's more: it aids digestion while naturally controlling hairballs..; Talk about quadruple threat - what could beat out aiding digestion WHILE getting rid of GI parasites AND keeping both an extra HEALTHY coat and fresher breath?! 

Oh yes...And lest we forget our houseplants – worry no longer as your kitty won't even blink twice at these greens versus theirs ;) 

Order now for maximum purrrrfection guaranteed!

P.S. we offer a $2 credit for undamaged, CLEAN, HEAVY DUTY tray returns!

P.S.S. Dont forget to reward yourself with the easier way to eat healthy! Check out your new Favorite... The FARMERS BLEND! Never the same except a base of Sunflowers or Peas.

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