Organic Sunflower Microgreen Shoots

Organic Sunflower Microgreen Shoots

From $8.00

Tired of lettuce taking up more salad space than they really fill you up?

Sunflower microgreens are a nutrition powerhouse packed to the brim with fiber, essential fatty acids and vitamins A-E! 

Plus calcium, phosphorus, iron - almost every kind of mineral you need for good health. With an amazing 25% protein content they're perfect as part of vegetarian weight loss plans too. 

Even better is their delicious nutty flavor and irresistible crunchy texture in salads or on top soups wraps sandwiches... pretty much anything you can think up! 

And it's not just nutritious but also satisfying because these "Sunnies" have some real bulk which means more filling meals that stays with your until later. 

Get ready: Sunflower Microgreens will become your new best friend helping to make eating healthy get exciting (and tasty)!

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