The Benefits of Sunflower Microgreens (Sunnies)

The Benefits of Sunflower Microgreens (Sunnies)

In recent years, microgreens have become a popular addition to many kitchens. These delicate greens offer a flavorful punch and a nutritional powerhouse in one small package. But what are microgreens, and why are they so beneficial? Let's take a closer look at sunflower microgreens to find out.

What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are simply young greens that are harvested before they reach full maturity. They can be grown from a wide variety of plants, including sunflowers, and are typically used as a culinary garnish or flavor enhancer. While they may be small in size, microgreens pack a big nutritional punch. In fact, they often contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals than their fully-grown counterparts.

The Benefits of Sunflower Microgreens

Sunflower microgreens are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as beta-carotene and lutein. They also contain beneficial compounds like chlorophyll and phytochemicals, which can help protect against certain chronic diseases. In addition, sunflower microgreens are a good source of fiber and protein, making them a perfect addition to any meal.

How to Incorporate Sunflower Microgreens into Your Diet

Sunflower microgreens can be used in a variety of dishes, both sweet and savory. 

  • They make a beautiful garnish for soups and salads
  • Replace lettuce in a salad, or be eaten alone as the salad.
  • Sunnies can be used as a flavorful addition to Take out food, Pizza, Sushi, Tacos, Sandwiches, and Wraps. 
  • Sunflower microgreens can also be used in pesto, sauces, or dips for an extra nutritional boost.  

To get the most benefits from sunflower microgreens, try to use them raw/fresh rather than cooked/sautéed.

Bottom line

Sunflower microgreens are a healthy and flavorful addition to any diet. With their high nutrient content and versatile uses, they're perfect for busy people, families, and people who are opposed to eating vegetables, essentially everyone who want to get the most out of their meals. So next time you're looking for a way to add some extra nutrition to you or your family's diet, remember Sunflower Microgreens! 

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